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Happy Patients Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Ms. Sabeena Sethi

Aligners Review

Dr. Naba Goswami 

Implants Review

Mr. Vijender Garg (MLA)

Implants Review

Mr. Sunil Vinayak

Implants & Parking Review

Mrs. Poonam Suri

Braces Review

Ms. Neha

Teeth Whitening Review

Ms. Lilian Nyambura

Implant Review

Right decision to come here. Painless RCT . Nice staff. Clean environment. Teeth Cleaning was also done from here. I'm very happy with my teeth whitening. Great experience! Highly recommended. 

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 - Saloni Bishnoi

I'm from Kenya and I'm coming here for the second time. I liked this place a lot because it’s professional, clean and hygienic. I have taken procedures like painless RCT, teeth cleaning, and teeth whitening from here. I would love to come here again and again.

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 - Maina Wandere

I have taken my braces treatment from here at a very affordable price. It was very professionally done. Dr. Deeksha is really good. Very good dental clinic.

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 - Pranav

Great service provided by the team. Had my braces treatment done here. My teeth look so much better now.

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 - Piyush Narang

Their way of dealing with patient is good.
Implant was done from here. This clinic has become my family because I know many people there. Satisfied treatment. Doctor Payal manchanda is very good.

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 - Bhavanarayana Mantravadi

I have done my multiple tooth implants from the caring touch. It was done by Dr. payal Machanda. She has a very polite and friendly nature. Implant amount was very affordable. I mean if you will ask me, I will suggest The Caring Touch only for dental related treatment. Affordable price, friendly behaviour of all is the best thing about this clinic. They take bestest care of every patient here unlike other clinics.

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 - Nitish Abrol

I was looking for the best dental clinic around. And then I found The Caring Touch. I came with the very positive impression and this place is upto the mark. I met Dr. Avni . She is the best. She understood my problem. She explained scientifically the concerns and then started my treatment. The Caring Touch met more than my expectations. End to end Dr. Avni took care of my treatment to the highest level of satisfaction.

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 - R. Siddharthan

If you are looking for a professional and caring dentist, The Caring Touch is the place one MUST VISIT. Dr. Avni is the doctor who took extra good care of me during treatment as I was very afraid of the tools to be used during the treatment. I did not feel any pain during the process of my entire treatment. Every visit has been wonderful. When a doctor loves his/her profession, the patient is safe. That's what I am feeling after being in safe hands of The Caring Touch. The entire staff is very cooperative and the team of doctors loves their work under the able guidance and unstinted supervision of Dr Payal. Thanks Dr. Avni. Thank you for my beautiful smile!

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 - Ashwani Kumar

I want to say a big thanks to Dr. Payal Manchanda for doing extraction and implant which was totally painless. Implants are very affordable at The Caring Touch as compared to other dental clinics.

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 - Saubhagya Bhatta

My impant was done from here and it was at very affordable rates. Then my capping also done from here only. Dr. Payal is really very good in terms of handling people. My problem was solved finally. I'm really and highly satisfied.

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 - Soumya Bishnoi

Happy Patients Of Family Dentistry

Mr. Arun Sobti

Says "Clinic Feels Like Home"

Mrs. Geetanjali Aggarwal

Says "Clinic Feels Spiritual & Positive"

Mr. Satyen Mahapatra

Says "Doctors Give Time To Patients"

Mr. Ashok Malik

Says "Very Hygienic Clinic"

Mr. Tarun Talwar

Painless RCT & Painless Surgery

Ms. Neha Ghai

Says "Staff Is Friendly and Treatment Is Very Good"

Mr. R. K. Khanna

Says "Regular Visits Of Dental Cleaning Prevents Dental Problems"

I'm happy about the treatment. These people are really caring. Suitable name. The amount I have spent in my dental treatment here was affordable.

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 - Rajnesh Kumar Rekhi

My RCT done from here. Fully painless. This clinic is really good. Satisfied. Being a panel patient, I can say my treatment was done on affordable rates.

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 - Hemlata Singh

I had a couple of RCTs here and my overall experience was very good. Dr. Paroma was very professional and she made me feel at ease throughout the procedure. She was always ready to answer any doubts that I had. Furthermore, the other staff are polite and helpful.

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 - Gam Liel

I am giving this review on behalf of my mother. She has been getting treatment from the clinic from quite some time and she feels quite satisfied regarding the overall treatment. Dentists are friendly and attentive. The staff also reminds on the appointments.

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 - Astha V

Excellent service. They finished my work within time as I had to catch my flight. Nice and peaceful environment.

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 - Prateek Dua

I'm very much satisfied. Doctors are very caring, helpful and understanding in terms of solving patients problem. I will always prefer this dental clinic for dental issues. Even the staff is also very caring and helpful.

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 - Anis Fatima

As the name describes "THE CARING TOUCH", all the treatments have been done through really very caring touch. I am thankful to all the Doctors and their teams who have provided world-class treatment at very nominal rates.

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 - Vijay

Highly satisfied. Got my complete denture from here at a very affordable price.

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 - Sunder Lal

Eye Care


Professional Staffs, very thorough and explained every option and gave recommendations that were best for me.

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 – Anshika Mishra

I was operated for Cataract Surgery on both of my eyes and I was pleased with the process and the results. 

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 – Sumit Agarwal

My Cataract Surgery was a wonderful experience thanks to this outstanding doctors and staff.

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 – Subham Bhatia







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