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Ms. Sabeena Sethi

Aligners Review

Dr. Naba Goswami 

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Mr. Vijender Garg (MLA)

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Mr. Sunil Vinayak

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Ms. Neha

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Ms. Lilian Nyambura

Implant Review

Right decision to come here. Painless RCT . Nice staff. Clean environment. Teeth Cleaning was also done from here. I'm very happy with my teeth whitening. Great experience! Highly recommended. 

Cosmetic Dentistry 7

 - Saloni Bishnoi

I'm from Kenya and I'm coming here for the second time. I liked this place a lot because it’s professional, clean and hygienic. I have taken procedures like painless RCT, teeth cleaning, and teeth whitening from here. I would love to come here again and again.

Cosmetic Dentistry 7

 - Maina Wandere

I have taken my braces treatment from here at a very affordable price. It was very professionally done. Dr. Deeksha is really good. Very good dental clinic.

Cosmetic Dentistry 7

 - Pranav

Great service provided by the team. Had my braces treatment done here. My teeth look so much better now.

Cosmetic Dentistry 7

 - Piyush Narang

Their way of dealing with patient is good.
Implant was done from here. This clinic has become my family because I know many people there. Satisfied treatment. Doctor Payal manchanda is very good.

Cosmetic Dentistry 7

 - Bhavanarayana Mantravadi

I have done my multiple tooth implants from the caring touch. It was done by Dr. payal Machanda. She has a very polite and friendly nature. Implant amount was very affordable. I mean if you will ask me, I will suggest The Caring Touch only for dental related treatment. Affordable price, friendly behaviour of all is the best thing about this clinic. They take bestest care of every patient here unlike other clinics.

Cosmetic Dentistry 7

 - Nitish Abrol

I was looking for the best dental clinic around. And then I found The Caring Touch. I came with the very positive impression and this place is upto the mark. I met Dr. Avni . She is the best. She understood my problem. She explained scientifically the concerns and then started my treatment. The Caring Touch met more than my expectations. End to end Dr. Avni took care of my treatment to the highest level of satisfaction.

Cosmetic Dentistry 7

 - R. Siddharthan

If you are looking for a professional and caring dentist, The Caring Touch is the place one MUST VISIT. Dr. Avni is the doctor who took extra good care of me during treatment as I was very afraid of the tools to be used during the treatment. I did not feel any pain during the process of my entire treatment. Every visit has been wonderful. When a doctor loves his/her profession, the patient is safe. That's what I am feeling after being in safe hands of The Caring Touch. The entire staff is very cooperative and the team of doctors loves their work under the able guidance and unstinted supervision of Dr Payal. Thanks Dr. Avni. Thank you for my beautiful smile!

Cosmetic Dentistry 7

 - Ashwani Kumar

I want to say a big thanks to Dr. Payal Manchanda for doing extraction and implant which was totally painless. Implants are very affordable at The Caring Touch as compared to other dental clinics.

Cosmetic Dentistry 7

 - Saubhagya Bhatta

My impant was done from here and it was at very affordable rates. Then my capping also done from here only. Dr. Payal is really very good in terms of handling people. My problem was solved finally. I'm really and highly satisfied.

Cosmetic Dentistry 7

 - Soumya Bishnoi




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Dr. Payal Manchanda



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Dr. Payal Manchanda is the Director of The Caring Touch since the last 20 years.

She completed her Dental Implant Training in 2000 from the University of Miami, School of Medicine (USA). Dr. Manchanda completed her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S) in 1997 from Manipal College of Dental Surgery. She has an experience of more than 20 years in the field of dentistry.

In the initial years of her career, she did her residency in the following hospitals:

  • Safdarjung Hospital (1 Year)
  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences [AIIMS] (1 Year)
  • Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (1 Year)

Dr. Manchanda’s areas of interest are placing implants & giving fixed permanent teeth to patients.

Cosmetic Dentistry 29

Dr. Anuj Varshney



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Dr Anuj Varshney  has served as an empathetic and skilled Endodontist  in The Caring Touch Clinic.

He Is an expert in handling the cause, identification & prevention leading to the treatment of health issues pertaining to the root canal.

He is dynamic & innovative Endodontist who has performed hundreds of root canals, apicoectomies, Root resorption , traumatic dental injuries related cases and  has helped patients to overcome complex mouth and tooth obstacles with his comprehensive dental care.

Moreover, he is committed to achieving the highest level of patient comfort and satisfaction.

Cosmetic Dentistry 30

Dr. Deeksha Deepak Kumar



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Dr. Deeksha Deepak Kumar completed her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S) and Master of Dental Surgery (M.D.S) from Santosh Dental College, Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh) in 2013 and 2017 respectively. She was previously a junior resident in Mata Chanan Devi Hospital for one year. For the past two years, she has been associated with The Caring Touch.

Cosmetic Dentistry 31

Dr. Rahul Jainer



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Dr. Rahul Jainer is the Resident Prosthodontist at The Caring Touch. After completing his BDS from the prestigious Manipal University (Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Mangalore) in 2016, Dr. Rahul went on to pursue his post graduation in prosthodontics from ITS Centre for Dental Studies and Research. He also gained insight into Oral Implantology during his  Advanced Oral Implantology Certification by Research and Education in Implant Dentistry in association with CWM, Pusan National University, South Korea. He also has several publications to his credit.

An enthusiastic clinician, Dr. Rahul takes out time to address patient concerns to ensure personalized care. His areas of interest include dental implants, full mouth rehabilitation, smile designing, fixed and removable prosthesis.

Cosmetic Dentistry 32

Dr. Deeksha Mehta Malik



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She is a graduate from the prestigious college, SUBHARTI DENTAL COLLEGE, SUBHARTI UNIVERSITY, Meerut and a post graduate from Faculty of Dental Sciences, SGT University Gurugram, Haryana. She has bagged Gold Medal during both her Graduation and Post Graduation. She is currently working as astounding Periodontist in our clinic.

Dr. Deeksha with her expertise in this field treats her patients in a very friendly manner and provides high standard work to them. Her goal is to provide patients with proper gum care and to ensure patient achieve good oral hygiene. She is a determined and a humble doctor who is able to provide quality care to her patients.

She is well versed with all the gum surgeries, esthetic procedures and implants. Her passion towards the work makes her an exemplary doctor

Cosmetic Dentistry 33

Dr. Khyati Bagga



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KHYATI BAGGA (B.D.S, M.D.S -PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY) is a proud alumini of MANIPAL COLLEGE OF DENTAL SCIENCES (M.C.O.D.S, MANIPAL), KARNATAKA and she is a post-graduate aluminus of prestigious institute, S.G.T.U, Faculty of Dental Sciences, Gurugram, Haryana. She is currently working as a successful Pedodontist in our clinic.

Dr. Khyati, with her expertise has the experience to work with children aged 2-17 years and determines the need for any dental procedures. She has a personable nature that allows children and parents to feel comfortable.

With her expertise, she has the ability to determine long terms effects of procedures and dental health in children.

She also works closely with Orthodontist for children in need of Space management appliances, braces and other corrective procedures.

She is professional specialized in providing childhood dental health  and care to young patients.

Cosmetic Dentistry 34

Dr. Anshika Grover



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Who has been graduated and post graduated from very renowned and reupdated University and College from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India She has been passed out from HITKARINI DENTAL COLLEGE AND JABALPUR HOSPITAL AND MADHYA PRADESH MEDCIAL SCIENCE UNIVERSITY (MPMSU) .

                           Dr. Anshika  ,  have been highly qualified with an exceptionally professional Competency .She has a very friendly, calm and caring approach towards her patient and makes every patient comfortable at the Dental chair . Due to her supportive nature many of her patients have quit the habit of Smoking and have sincerely worked more towards Oral Health.  

Anshika, is a very passionate and hand working. She ensures to provide highest quality treatment to her patient. Her expertise is Handling emergency dental chair side cases, Maxillofacial Injuries, Complex and difficult surgical extraction, space infection, diagnosing cyst and various pathological cases, dental implants.

Cosmetic Dentistry 35

Dr. Ravina



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Dr. Ravina is the Radiologist at The Caring Touch. After completing her BDS from the prestigious Ch. Charan Singh University (ITS DENTAL COLLEGE ; Greater Noida) in 2018, Dr. Ravina went on to pursue her post graduation in Oral medicine and radiology from SGT University. She also has several publications to her credit which are published in various national and international journals. She is active as peer reviewer.

An passionate clinician, Dr. Ravina takes out time to address patient issues to ensure individualised care. Her areas of interest include advanced imaging modalities , tobacco cessation counselling, management of OPMD’s and TMD’s.





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